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Curly Bracket
The Hidden Code

A book that introduces you to the thinking used by programmers.

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Two parts

It's both a comic book and an educational textbook

Its two parts are linked together through problems.

The first part

Problems are introduced to the character

Through a thrilling adventure, beautifully illustrated by Peter Bergting, the reader is introduced to the tale of Curly Bracket. She encounters a number of interesting characters and problems . The book encourages its readers to find solutions along with Curly.

The second part

The problems are then explained at the end of the book

The problems Curly solved in the story is broken down and explained.

All problems are solved with the same logic

The book has been out in Sweden for a year. Kids and parents love it.

“Give me more! That’s how I feel after having devoured this cartoon book. With awesome illustrations by Peter Bergting. It is an amazing adventure with a cliffhanger ending. What’s different with this book is that it can be read in two manners. Either as conventional story, or as a story with a videogame programming concept”

Hanna, librarian

It was really exciting!

“Hi, My name is Theo, and I’m 7 yrs old. And I will turn 8 next month. I have just finished reading Curly Bracket. And on the last page it reads “to be continued…” I’m wondering when the next book is due? It was really exciting!

Theo from Karlholm

She is looking forward to a sequel

“Hi, my daughter, soon to be 9 yrs, have just waded through the book “Curly Bracket - The hidden code”. And she is looking forward to a sequel or continuation, anything in the pipe?”


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First chapter - download PDF sample

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Why we wrote the book

We want to inspire people to get interested in code

We want to give children the opportunity to gain the skills they need in a digital present and future.


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